2D & 3D Animation

Whether you're in film, television, or producing corporate videos, you can benefit from our animation services. We have the ability to give life to just about anything your neurons can dream up. Our extensive knowledge of 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, and a wide variety of mediums from traditional to digital can ensure that your message will truly impact your audience.

Stop motion, clay animation, puppet animation, traditional cell, 2D and 3D animation; our talented crew has done it all. From complex character animation to product visualization, we can create it.

Laughing Skull Guitars

Created for Laughing Skull Guitars to show off the features of their newest line of high end cigar box guitars. We decided that the best way to accomplish what the client wanted was to do it as a 3D animation. The model was made to scale from photographs of the instrument. The background elements were the inspiration of our in-house artist, Elliot Rogers, who wanted to juxtapose the realistic rendering of the guitar against a late 70's graphic montage.

The Fatty Pen

Created for Wood and Silver Designs as a fun way to advertise their line of fat wooden pens. We came up with this idea in collaboration with composer and artist Elliot Rogers.

Military Demo Reel

Ken Rogers spent nine years creating animation for military and government videos. This is a small sampling of his work. - Music by Elliot Rogers

ROVER trailer

Trailer for our upcoming animated short "Rover" about a NASA rover that was left on the moon and forgotten.