Whether you need voice acting, narration, or commercial voice over. The CUBE3 Team has the talent you need, from the powerful, booming voice of Wes Johnson, to the soft female voice of Andrea Rogers, we've got you covered.

Do you need celebrity impersonations? We can do that also. From Arnold to Barney Fife, we have the talent that can do it.

We can hook you up with character voices for games or character animation.

Wes Johnson Character Reel

For years Wes has been sought after for his character voice work. Both live productions and recorded entertainment have employed Wes to enhance the content and entertain the audience. His list of characters includes celebrity impersonations and creatures of his own invention. More than 100 different productions can't be wrong. Listen to Wes' character demo to truly understand the depth of his talent and psychosis.

Wes Johnson Commercial Reel

From selling a Lexus to a comforting PSA, Wes is the man to create commercials. Not only does his voice help you sell, he writes and produces radio commercials.

Wes Johnson Narration Reel

From a frog prince to the voice of corporate authority, Wes has contributed to the success of numerous productions. His roles include on-screen host and simply the booming voice-over.